CCGS Annex

Clark County Genealogical Society has a large meeting facility for rent on an hourly or daily basis. The meeting room is located at 715 Grand Blvd., next door to the CCGS library. The room is 1700 square feet and has space to seat up to 100 people.

Rates for rental:
1 hour: $14.00
2 hours: $28.00
3 hours: $42.00
4 hours: $56.00
5 hours: $70.00
6 hours: $84.00
7 hours: $98.00
8 hours: $112.00
($14.00 for each additional hour beyond 8 hours)
5% Discount for Annual Payment

Parking while using our facility: When using our facility during weekdays, it is requested that you park in one of the two available parking lots south of the building. One lot is available just south of the building and the other is adjacent to that, to the east. If you are handicapped, you will be able to park closer to the building but we ask that you do not park in front of any of the businesses. The reason for the parking restrictions is that we are in a strip mall and the businesses need some parking for their patrons. During weekends, the parking might not be as restricted - especially on Sundays. Evenings are also not restricted.

For further information or to see if the room is available to fit your schedule, contact the Annex Manager, Ralph Erickson by email or by phone, 360-574-2858