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Churches of Christ and Christian Churches
in Early Oregon - 1842-1882
Revised and Expanded edition

by Jerry Rushford

   Bonnie Miller, a member of CCGS, did the bulk of research for Christians on the Oregon Trail by Jerry Rushford. He was one of her professors at Pepperdine University in a Master's program Bonnie was in and when he decided to write this book in 1996, he asked her to help. Bonnie says, "We spent the last 5 years digging through all kinds of source materials and the book was originally released July 4, 1997 from College Press in Joplin, Missouri. A revised edition was published in 1998 after the first edition sold out. We continued to do research and add information so that now this last edition is much more accurate."

This newly revised and expanded edition of this well done book is hard bound with 583 pages. It includes an extensive biographical section (111 pages) of 800 persons and their families identified as being members of the Restoration Movement (Christian Church, Churches of Christ and Disciples of Christ). The book is primarily a history of the Christian Church in Oregon Territory from 1842 to 1882 but told through the stories of these pioneers who came across the Trail.

This biographical section, in alphabetical order, will be especially helpful to genealogists as it lists the husband and wife (including maiden name), their birth dates, marriage date, death dates and date of arrival in Oregon Territory. Each entry also has a brief paragraph about the family and their role in Oregon history. The book includes 26 pages of photos of pioneers, their cabins, and some churches. Published in 2001by Covenant Press. Only about Ĺ of the book is indexed but itís relatively easy to locate names in the remainder of the book as the sections are in alphabetical order.

The book can be purchased from CCGS member Bonnie Miller who did much of the research for this book. You can purchase it for $20.00 plus $4.00 for shipping by sending a check, payable to Bonnie Miller to:

Bonnie Miller
600 SE 101 Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98664

She can be reached by phone at 360-892-9507
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