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Multnomah County, Oregon
Burial Sites
Volume 1

Cemeteries include:
Escobar Pioneer
Pleasant Home Pioneer
St. Joseph
White Birch Pioneer

A message from the author:
I began this project in 1983 while attempting to locate information on my own family and discovered how poor the records are of many of the burial sites Records have been lost, stolen, burnt, eaten by rodents and soaked in water. Many of the "Official" records have been recreated from the grave markers which are not always correct or did not exist at the time of the creation of the new records.

In all cases I have copied the records of the cemetery office and then compared them to the markers adding information and epitaphs along with the type of markers.

Previous cemetery readings have been used as many of them contain information from markers that are no longer visible for one reason or another. My thanks to the DAR members, Boy Scouts and others who have recorded markers in the past and have placed these readings in various depositories. Many times these works list markers that have been destroyed before the information was recorded elsewhere. Readings by the W.P.A. projects have also proven useful.

Further research was carried out in biographical materials, local histories, death indices, death certificates and newspapers. Every extant issue of the Beaver State Herald and the Gresham Outlook through 1930 has been read to obtain additional information. Every death certificate issued by the City of Portland through 1903 has been checked as have the Oregon Death Certificates for Multnomah and Clackamas counties through 1919.

A word about the format I have chosen: There is white space so you can add notes. Every grave is accounted for, with the listings in section, lot and grave order. I've listed all names used by the women when I have been able to locate them with maiden names indicated with the term nee. All names used by women are indexed using lower case for earlier surnames. Index locations are the cemetery location, not a page number in the book. A U under lot number means unknown location and the grave number is just a number assigned for indexing purposes I have tried not to split a persons entry which creates additional white space but I feel it is best to keep all the information about one individual together.

I have listed where obituaries, etc. can be found. Information inside "quotation marks" is from the grave marker itself and sometimes is different than the information recorded elsewhere. Upon occasion I have found obituaries that appear one year before the death dates in the cemetery records and those on the markers. In these cases I feel the contemporary newspaper obituary was the correct year which always proved to be true by the death certificate.

The cover artwork is a rendition of a Woodman Of The World marker in the Pleasant Home Pioneer Cemetery. These unique markers are found in many Oregon cemeteries and are all slightly different. A research project of this magnitude cannot be 100% accurate nor can it be complete These cemeteries are still being used. If you find errors or additional information please send the documentation to me.

The book is $30.00 for each copy plus $5.00 shipping and handling and it can be ordered directly from the author/publisher at:

Stanley R. Clarke
Genealogical Services
4018 NE 125 Place
Portland, Oregon 97230-1339

You can also reach the author with the e-mail link below.

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srclarke at ix.netcom.com

Oregon Burial Site Guide
Compiled by Dean H. Byrd
Co-compiled by Stanley R. Clarke and Janice M. Healy

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