Sample page from our Park Hill Cemetery Book set

This sample page from one of the Park Hill Cemetery books shows the typical information contained about each burial. It includes birth date & place, if known, death date, burial date, lot owner, funeral director, cause of death, age at death and sometimes further information from an obituary.

B 319-3 MAAS (Amanda Maas, b: Prussia, d: 22 Jun 1932 age 85y of senility, int: 28 Jun 1932, lot owner: Louis Maas, fd: Miller and Tracy, no marker)

B 319-2 MAAS (Amos Henry Maas, b: WI, d: 7 Feb 1961 age 81y 4m of pneumonia, int: 13 Feb 1961, lot owner: welfare, fd: VFC, no marker)

V 319-3 MAAS (Dr. Benjamin J. Maas, d: 4 Jul 1969 age 86y of heart, int: 23 Oct 1970, lot owner: Louis Maas, fd: Courtner Mortuary, CA, no marker)

L 43-4 MAAS (Florence Maas, b: NE, d: 21 Jan 1987 age 80y, int: 26 Jan 1987, lot owner: welfare, fd: Hamilton Mylan, no marker)

U 172-1 MAAS Irene Maas, 1905 - 1963, Mother (b: HI, d: 14 Nov 1963 age 58y 4m of cardiac failure, int: 19 Nov 1963, lot owner: Mathias Maas, fd: Layne)

T 465-1 MABE Jeanette J. Mabe, July 13, 1934 - Jan 8, 1978, In Thee I Put My Trust (Jeannette Mabe, b: OR, d: age 43y 9m of cancer, int: 10 Jan 1978, lot owner: Allen Mabe, fd: Evergreen)

U _____ MABREY Annie M. Mabrey, 1887 - 1971, Mother (not listed in cemetery records)

U 112-3 MABREY William Lee Mabrey, 1910 - 1967 (b: AR, d: 19 May 1967 age 57y 3m of silicosis, int: 22 May 1967, lot owner: Grace Mabrey, fd: Hamilton Mylan)

O 55-3 MacASKILL Kenneth MacAskill, 1880 - 1975 (b: Scotland, d: 4 Sep 1975 age 94y 9m of stroke, int: 8 Sep 1975, lot owner: Edith Golick, fd: VFC)

K 170-2 MacAUSLAN James P. MacAuslan, 1889 - 1960, Husband (b: Scotland, d: 12 Jun 1960 age 70y 6m of heart, int: 15 Jun 1960, lot owner: M. MacAuslan, fd: VFC)

K 170-1 MacAUSLAN Mollie C. MacAuslan, 1888 - 1973, Wife (Molly C. MacAuslan, b: Scotland, d: 22 May 1973 age 85y 1m of stroke, int: 25 May 1973, lot owner: welfare, fd: VFC)

E 249-1 MacCOMBER Thomas P. MacComber, Born 1897, Died 1943 [American Legion emblem engraved on stone] [s\s _______ buried, but not engraved] (b: MO, d: 25 Sep 1943 age 46y 8m of an auto accident, int: 1 Oct 1943, lot owner: R. MacComber, fd: VFC)

V _____ MacDONALD Annie J. MacDonald [with Edward D.]

D 126-3 MacDONALD (Bruce MacDonald, b: SD, d: 3 Feb 1943 age 56y of heart, int: 9 Feb 1943, lot owner: Edwin MacDonald, fd: Knapp, no marker)

V 350-4 MacDONALD Edward D. MacDonald [with Annie J.] (b: MI, d: 23 Sep 1981 age 84y of heart, int: 28 Sep 1981, lot owner: self, fd: VFC)

D 116-1 MacDONALD (John Sandy MacDonald, b: Canada, d: 1 May 1943 age 84y 5m, int: 3 May 1943, lot owner: W.H. Hood, fd: VFC, no marker)

F 121-4 MACE Barbara Ruth Mace, 1931 - 1957, Daughter (b: CA, d: 26 May 1948 age 16y 11m of heart, int: 1 Jun 1948, lot owner: L. McCourt Sr., fd: VFC)

E 156-4 MACE Rosa Mace, Born 1878, Died 1948, Mother [with Thomas J.] (b: NE, d: 11 Oct 1948 age 70y 8m of stroke, int: 13 Oct 1948, lot owner: self, fd: VFC)

E 156-3 MACE Thomas J. Mace, Born 1874, Born 1944, Father [with Rosa] (Thomas Jefferson Mace, b: IA, d: 18 Apr 1944 age 72y 4m of heart, int: 21 Apr 1944, lot owner: Rose Mace, fd: VFC